THEA Tests For Higher Education In Texas

THEA Tests For Higher Education In Texas

The THEA Test or the Texas Higher Education Assessment is an accurate, flexible and fair system of score-reporting and testing. The students and institutions dedicated to higher education, have been greatly benefitted by the evaluation system that has managed to set exemplary standards since its onset in the year 1989.

The students aspiring to follow their academic career paths in various undergraduate and degree level programs in the universities and public colleges based in Texas, have to pass the THEA test, which assesses their skills in writing, reading and mathematics.

The Importance of THEA as an Assessment Tool

After gaining approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the THEA Test has been used by many institutions in Texas as an important assessment tool for the evaluation of the standards of the fresh students. The contents of the THEA test are quite similar to the TSAP test and provide therelative diagnostic data required under the Texan regulations and legislations.

The THEA test has been specifically developed by a rigorous approval and review process and has been aptly supported by experienced and skilled educators from the field of education in Texas. There is no scope of potential bias or inaccuracy as all THEA test questions undergo critical review and evaluation by the specially designated committees of highly experienced academic professionals and experts.

Exemption Offered from the THEA Tests to Certain Candidates

Most of the students who plan to pursue their higher education in public universities and colleges, have to appear for the THEA Tests, unless the scores achieved in other Entrance Examinations such as ACT, SAT or TAKS, exempt them from taking the same. According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, there are various criteria for exemptions from the assessment test and the students must refer to the designated Institution or its website for requisite information on the same.

The Various Formats Offered for the THEA Test

THEA Quick Test

There are prescribed dates and schedules for the THEA Quick Test and students desirous of getting admission in the designated colleges, high schools or universities, should keep a track of the same. Expert advice can guide the students towards the viability of this test for their academic career. The THEA Quick Test is conducted at predefined locations and one can get access to all the relevant contact details and test sites on the official website of THEA test.

Once the answer sheets are received by the authorized departments, it takes about 7 days to mail out the official score results to the candidates. If the candidate is unsuccessful and desires to attempt the THEA Quick Test again,then he has to wait for a period of 30 days before becoming eligible for a re-examination.

THEA Internet-Based Test (IBT)

The THEA Internet-Based Test is formatted on the same lines as the Quick Test, and assesses the potential candidates for their writing, mathematics and written skills. However, the assessment is conducted on the computer using web based technological inputs.

The students of the Institutions designated for the internet based version of the THEA Test are eligible for taking the THEA IBT. All requisite information regarding the formalities and regulations of the THEA Internet based Test can be accessed on the official website of the entrance examination.

Description of the THEA Test

There are three sections in the THEA Test and these are specifically designed to measure the reading, writing and mathematical skills of the students against certain benchmarked standards of excellence and competence.

The scores are categorically based on the performance levels of the individual student and not on the comparative performance of the other students.

The Section Testing the Reading Skills

This section of the THEA Test consists of about 40 questions set in the Multiple Choice Questions format, which are aligned with seven selections that have been earmarked for testing the reading skills. The length of the passages chosen for reading range from 300-750 words and are quite similar in content and pattern to the reading materials that the students are expected to study in their first year of college. The MCQ are based on these reading selections.

The Section Testing the Mathematical Skills

This section is typically based on the four cores areas related to fundamental mathematics, geometry, algebra and problem solving. The 50 questions in this section are based on the multi-choice format and assess the candidate’s expertise in performing mathematical problems and finding solutions to problems. Some of the basic and appropriate formulas are usually provided in the test paper to assist the student the calculations connected with the questions.

For those candidates, who would like to use a calculator, the rules related to THEA Quick Test allow a non-programmable calculator which has the four basic functions along with the percentage and square root keys. An onscreen calculator is available for aiding calculations in the Internet based version of the THEA Test.

The Section Testing the Writing Skills

This part of the THEA Test comprises of two distinct subsections. The first part assesses the written communication skills of the candidate through a piece written on the prescribed topic. The length of the sample divided into paragraphs is expected to be in the range of 300-600 words.

The ability of the student to effectively communicate the message and information related the topic, helps him secure good scores in the assessment. It is important to note that the selection criteria of tthis section of the entrance exam is based on the student’s ability to organize, express and support the ideas and opinions relevant to the given topic

The other subsection contains approximately 40 MCQs which are designed to test and assess the student’s capability of recognizing the different attributes of effective writing skills.

Registration and Cost of THEA Tests

The registration for the THEA Tests can be done by U.S. Mail or through the internet. The admit card for the examination is sent to the candidates vial email and normal mail. Emergency and late registration is possible through the internet option. The costs incurred by the candidates in applying for registration is approximately $29 and the amount is payable via a credit or debit card, money order or check. The deadline for the registration formalities is usually 30 days before the date of the THEA test while the deadline for late and emergency registration is respectively 10 and 3 days prior to the date of the tests.