Take Over Sydney Education

Take Over Sydney Education

Sydney is a popular educational destination in Australia. The city is known for its cosmopolitan outlook and cultural diversity. The vibrant and relaxed lifestyle of this city attracts students from different parts of the globe. Sydney is home to some of the most distinguished universities that offer top-notch educational experience.

The courses provided by the universities are comprehensive and give wide international exposure to students. The following is a list of the top universities in Sydney.

Best Universities In Sydney

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney enjoys a top position among the best universities in Australia. This public university was founded in 1850. Since its inception, the University of Sydney has strived to provide world-class education and a favourable learning environment. The university has international collaborations with leading academic institutions of the world. It also has got student exchange programs with educational partners in Canada, UK, Western Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, Israel and USA.

The university provides several coveted courses in Agriculture and Environment, Arts and Social Sciences, Dentistry, Education and Social Work, Business, Architecture, Design and Planning, Health Sciences, Engineering and IT, Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Science, Nursing and Midwifery, Veterinary Science and Music.

The University has three state-of-the-art research centres and several other highly advanced research laboratories with some great facilities like Molonglo radio telescope, archaeology computing lab, microscopy and microanalysis, imaging, chemical preparation, art collection, gallery and museums. A number of scholarships, grants and fellowships are offered to outstanding candidates for excellent work in various fields of research.

University of Western Sydney

This university boasts of being one of the largest and most popular institutions in Australia. The University of Western Sydney offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses in Arts, Business, Forensics, Communication, Design and Media, Social Sciences, Psychology, Law, Science, Teaching and Education, Tourism and Planning, Medicine, Nursing, TESOL, Interpreting and Transition, Engineering and Built Environment, Research Studies, International Hospitality and Hotel Management and Therapeutic Studies.

The university has sprawling campuses in Penrith, Richmond, Parramatta, Blacktown, Campbelltown and Bankstown. This metropolitan institution has got advanced language laboratories, moot courts, Robotic Assembly Lab and other valuable facilities like Confocal Bio-Imaging and Conference Interpreting services. Apart from these, the university also has modern educational institutes like the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment and the MARCS Institute. The students are given adequate opportunities to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

The medical and nursing students undergo practical training in the well-furnished Medical School and anatomy laboratories. Similarly, the media, law and forensic students also work in audio-visual studios, moot courts and Crime Scene House respectively. The students and researchers are entitled to a number of scholarships from external bodies. The university also arranges for private counselling services, study workshops, on-campus jobs and resume support.

Macquarie University

Macquarie University is a major academic institution devoted to educational excellence and research. The university has innovative study curriculum along with a strong faculty. Various undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees are offered in subjects like Accounting, Ancient History, Cultural Studies, Environment, Business, Economics, Genetics, Finance, Education and Teaching, Astronomy, Journalism, International Relations, Social Sciences, Robotics, Marine Science, Psychology, Politics and Medical Sciences to name only a few.

The university takes pride in cutting-edge research programs that are conducted by doctoral candidates coming from different parts of the globe. The main research areas include Animal Behaviour, Capital Markets, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Cognitive Science, Emotional Health, Neuroscience, Vascular Sciences and Surgery and Special Education. The Macquarie University is one of the highest receivers of scholarship grants in the nation.

Other facilities offered by the university include well-equipped newsroom, science centre, library, arts centre, museums and bookshops. Students also get continuous legal assistance, medical services and writing skills advisory services to name only a few. The students of Macquarie University get exciting opportunities to participate in international internship and exchange programs in different countries during their vacation.

University of Technology, Sydney

The University of Technology is a world-class institution offering advanced courses in the field of technology. The dynamic study environment attracts thousands of students to this university every year. The university offers various degree courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Students can choose from a plethora of subjects like Engineering, Information Technology, Health, Science, Law, Business, Arts and Social Sciences and Design, Architecture and Building.

Apart from these, students can also opt for several short term courses and training programs which can be undertaken by professionals from the fields of IT and Management for career growth and development. The university has global partnerships with reputed colleges and universities in Africa, Middle East, America, Europe, Asia, Pacific Oceania and UK and Ireland.

The university has come up with dual degree programs, student exchange programs and research opportunities by forming a joint alliance with international academic institutions. Apart from studies, students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities and the university looks after the development of the professional and personal skills of students.

University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales was established in 1949 in Kensington area in Sydney. The university occupies the 49th position among the top universities in the world. This renowned university also enjoys high rankings in the areas of Business Management studies and research work. The favourable employment opportunities, wide cultural diversity, important industrial partnerships and distinguished faculty add to the popularity of this university.

The different educational departments provide undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in Education, Humanities, Arts and Media, Social Sciences, International Studies, Business Management, Law, Engineering, Built Environment, Fine Arts, Medicine and Science.

Charles Sturt University

The Charles Sturt University is famous for its highly acclaimed teachers, flexible learning programs and unmatched research facilities. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in Agricultural and Wine Sciences, Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Business, Allied Health, Environmental Science, Communication and Creative Industries, Exercise and Sports Science, IT, Computing and Mathematics, Nursing, Humanities, Social Work and Human Services, Medical Science, Library and Information Studies, Psychology, Science, Policing, Security and Emergency Management, Teaching and Education and Theology and Religious Studies.

The university also offers distance education courses in Arts, Science, Business and Education. Students get full study support from online learning and well-designed study materials. The Charles Sturt University offers interdisciplinary research studies in the highly developed research centres. A variety of Professional Development courses are available for helping the candidates in their research work.

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