Prep Guidance 4 GRE Test

Prep Guidance 4 GRE Test

The ‘Educational Testing Services-Graduate Record Examination’ is a doorstep and utmost requirement for the students to get admission in some of the most prestigious universities in the world. For some students who have a flare in mathematics and English, it is unlike ‘setting Thames on fire’ to qualify the GRE exam.

However, the standard of this examination re-defines GRE as a ‘Giant Rude Enemy’standing in between the dreams of many aspirants. The only ways to make friends with this enemy or to scare it away are hard work and regular practice.

6 Tips to Prepare For The GRE Test

Know the Basics of GRE Well

GRE preparation should become your ‘Bread and Butter’ for the day, as this herculean mountain cannot be climbed without proper preparation, especially when you are preparing for the same all by yourself.

Those of you who love writing and solving mathematical puzzles can fancy their chances of winning over GRE. Now, if your are fully determined, focused and confident that you have all the elements in you to fetch a good score, it’s time for you to recollect the ashes of the dormant writer within you and reframe your brain into a small and active mathematical guide.

Know the Loopholes in GRE Preparation

‘Stolid English’ and ‘feeble mathematical skills’ are the black holes that can easily engulf you in the race of flying higher. Remember, this examination is a stamp that you have exceptional and in-depth knowledge of English and Mathematics.However, there is a section that includes the specialist trait in which you want to pursue your education.

Though, this section makes no difference to the final score, but you need to qualify it separately. These aspects are important, as the complete educational framework of the universities abroad is English dependant. Thus, you need to start from the scratch in order to dart the GRE exam.

Understand the format of the GRE test

The first thing that you need to know and understand is the basic format of this examination, or in order words, ‘the Blue-print of your success’. The examination (computer based as well as paper based) covers two aspects i.e. ‘Mathematics’ and ‘English’, irrespective of the fact to which trait you belong to (as long as you are a graduate). Both the traits are divided into various sub-sections. A wise man by now would have understood that it is not enough to be just a good writer; instead, it is required of you to have an exceptional grammatical and mathematical base.

In order to qualify the computer based GRE exam, the students should do a lot of practice by giving various online mock tests. This is because; the level of difficulty increases with every correct answer.

Understand the Marking Format

Both the sections need equal focus, as they carry equal marks. If you consider GRE as the trunk of a tree, this trunk divides into two branches i.e. ‘English’ and ‘Mathematics’. The two branch-lets of the English branch are ‘essay writing’ and ‘vocabulary’.

The essay writing branch-let is divided into two stems, namely, ‘the analysis of an issue’ and ‘the analysis of an argument’. The former offers two options. You need to select one option out of the two options given. Further, you need to present the selected option in a totally fresh and unique style of your own.

The latter offers no choice; and thus, you will have to produce a critically contradicting form of the issue provided. This option shows how strongly you can find relevant content in order to support your point of view, so that the opponent falls weak in front of your opinion.

The second branch-let of English i.e. ‘vocabulary’ judges your in-depth grammatical knowledge. This branch-let is divided into two stems i.e. ‘Verbal’ and ‘Analytical’. The verbal stem has four leaves namely ‘antonyms’, ‘analogies’, ‘sentence completion’ and ‘reading’.The analytical stem judges your knowledge of evaluating the relation between different sentences and words.

Thus, the English branch scans your adaptive writing skills, style, grammar and vocabulary. The second main branch of the GRE exam is ‘Mathematics’, like mentioned above. The various branch-lets, stems and leaves of this subject, which you learnt since your childhood, are put to test.

Learn the Mantras of Succeeding In GRE

Not losing confidence is the first guru mantra. You need to start reading magazines, newspapers and journals on a regular basis. First few hesitant steps will slowly teach you how to write in different styles and will also improve and enrich your vocabulary. After these hesitant steps, you will gain enough confidence to walk without the need of any support or the fear of falling down.

You need to find relevant sources in order to match the level of your vocabulary with the standards of GRE. However, there are many books that can help you with this, but the book named ‘Barron’s’ is an exceptional source for this purpose. It contains over 3000 different words with their meanings, synonyms and antonyms.

Thus, Barron’s should be your second mission. You will need to adapt and increase your stamina of learning more and more words daily and finish the ‘mission Barron’ before your examination arrives. The local library is also a good and diverse source of finding books and sample papers related to GRE.

Improve your Essay Writing

Never forget, essay writing will get better and better with more words you learn, better word construction you understand; and nonetheless, the more you practice. Your aim should be to use the different words you learn in your essay writing session every day.

However, if you forget to give proper amount of attention to the other branch of your tree i.e. ‘Mathematics’, you will be digging up a pit, big enough to engulf your dream.Therefore, regular practice of algebra, geometry, arithmetic, 2D, 3D geometry etc. is very essential.

This will not just increase your aptitude, but will also increase the working potency of your mind. The more brainteasers and puzzles you will solve, the more mental strength you will gain. Even the school books, previous year’s GRE papers and MCQ books available in the market are helpful.

Encapsulating, you will have to nourish the small seed planted by you as a dream in your heart. ‘Hard work’ will act like sunlight, ‘practice’ like carbon di-oxide and ‘time-management’ like water. Usually candidates forget to water the GRE tree.

Consequently, they fail in making their tree big and strong. Nonetheless, in the lapse of time-management you will fail to obtain a good score despite qualifying the GRE exam. This declined score might ruin your dream of studying in the college of your choice. Thus, all the above listed 6 tips can help you in qualifying the GRE test and come out in flying colors.

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