How To Prepare For The Confusing ACT

How To Prepare For The Confusing ACT

ACT (American College Testing) test is used to assess whether a candidate is ready for the college life or not. The candidates desirous of pursuing higher education in a prestigious college need to attempt the ACT. Getting a good ACT score guarantees your admission in the top most college, which in turn will help in shaping up your bright future.

Two Formats of ACT

ACT is available in two formats, the No Writing part and the ACT plus Writing option. Of this, the No Writing part is compulsory for all the candidates. ACT No Writing part is a multiple-choices based test that tests your knowledge of English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. If the college to which you are applying needs to know about your English writing skills then you need to apply for the ACT plus Writing part, which requires you to write a 30-minute long essay.

ACT and the Test Dates

There are six options available for attempting the ACT; it is available in the months of September, October, December, February, April and June. ACT test dates should be selected after a careful study. You should be well prepared for the ACT on the selected date; it should be a commitment free day. Based on the test date you can complete your registration process and start with the preparation.

ACT- What it tests?

The ACT basically tests your knowledge about the subjects that formed a part of your study in your school days, so preparation for ACT is not so difficult. If you were a good listener and a voracious reader who still remembers the lectures, diagrams and lab practical’s, then preparation for the ACT won’t be a difficult task.

How to Prepare for the ACT?

The preparation for ACT must begin very early. There are several methods available that can be used for the preparation of ACT. They include joining a preparatory course, hiring the services of a private tutor, selecting an online course and self-study or group-study method. Before deciding upon the preparation method, attempt a mock ACT test, this will help in knowing about your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this you can decide upon the ACT preparation method.

If you are joining a preparatory course or studying under a private tutor, they will guide you through the entire ACT preparation. If opting for self-study or group-study, then selection of the right preparation materials is very important. You can take the help of you teachers, friends or family in this regard.

Several preparation books and study guides are available that can be selected after a careful review which is available on the internet at various sites like , etc. These sites provide you the opportunity for buying the books online. You can also buy the books from book stores after making a comparative study.

While buying books, select one which is recently published and is written by a good author. Go through the language of the book, see if you are able to follow, and then only buy the book. Don’t stick to only one preparatory book, buy two or three books along with the ACT practice tests. When you are finished with the preparation, start attempting the ACT practice tests, this will help in checking how well your preparations are.

Prepare for the ACT well and attempt the ACT with confidence, you will surely get a good ACT score.